About I Love My Type

I LOVE MY TYPE is a cool typographical poster universe with posters that will inspire you to make a difference to others and benefit fully from what life has to offer. You will find positive and life-affirming statements that match your life and personal development as well as posters that you can offer to people who are special to you. I LOVE MY TYPE also produces posters that are quite unique and specially designed with you favourite quotations, personal greetings, names and remembrances etc. This is a great idea for a present for weddings, baptisms, birthdays etc.

I LOVE MY TYPE was started by art director Kathrine Højriis who, by opening this company, achieved her dream of combining her passion for typographic design with her enthusiasm for interior decorating and personal development.

What has inspired you to start ILMT?

”I have always taken an interest in personal development and have sought out various courses and methods to learn how to benefit the most from what life has to offer. At some point, I realized that the only one responsible for my wellbeing is me – and that I can change my life merely by changing my thoughts and ideas. For instance, you can’t always be happy but you can always be positive.

In this process, it has been really useful for me to have before me some texts that constantly remind me of my focus and of where I’m headed. This helps me achieve my goals, make the right decisions and be true to myself.”

When did it start?

”It all started when I understood that I inspire people by not being perfect and by being open about how I feel. At that same moment, when I started telling others about the challenges I faced, I also started feeling better. I LOVE MY TYPE is the result of my effort to overcome my personal challenges concerning low self-esteem and feelings of insufficiency so that I am now in a position in which I am happy and proud of who I am. This insight is what I want to pass on.

That the final result of my process is a poster web shop is probably due to the fact that I am a graphic designer. For me it is essential that what I look at and work with is both cool and gratifying. I LOVE MY TYPE gives me the possibility to create a perfect combination of cool, meaningful and caring interior decorating – for myself and for others.”

What significance do the posters hold for you?

”The posters are part of the design in our home. I am very much into interior decorating and being surrounded by beautiful things and cool design makes me really happy. At the same time, the posters present an honest reminder to me about what I believe in and on what I want to keep my focus. For me they also prove that I have made an active choice as to how I want to live my life.

I have also created a set of individually designed posters that I use as unique presents for various occasions, e.g. a milestone birthday, a wedding or a baptism. I may also use them as a highly personalized present for my boyfriend or a good friend. In that case I will include remembrances of experiences we have shared, particular proverbs or a date that has a special meaning to us.”

Why the name ’I LOVE MY TYPE’?

”I LOVE MY TYPE is my tribute to typographical design that I love to work with and watch. I LOVE MY TYPE also emphasizes the fact that texts are a good reminder to me and help me in my goal to benefit the most from what life has to offer. I LOVE MY TYPE furthermore expresses that you should acknowledge who you are and be proud of it.”

Read more about Kathrine Højriis and see examples of her professional work as an art director on k24.dk.

The Process of Being Me

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