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Creating for the eyes & heart

I LOVE MY TYPE is a visual universe where designer Kathrine Højris does what she loves most: creating what speaks to the eye and heart. The beautifully designed posters, notebooks, cards and other creative goods follow one mission: to speak to people on a personal level. With topics like self-worth, relationships, friendships and family, I LOVE MY TYPE offers something for everyone who appreciates cool design with a meaning behind it.

Looking back

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How it all started

With I LOVE MY TYPE, which was founded in 2013, graphic designer Kathrine Højris has realized her dream of combining her passion for self-development with her interest in graphic and interior design. What started with little sticky notes directed to herself, is now a popular brand that encourages people all over the world to believe in themselves and practice self-love.

(The video above is in Danish, but English subtitles are available.)

Kathrine’s background

Kathrine Højris is a professional graphic designer who attended art schools and studied at Design School Kolding back in 2005. After completing her Master’s degree, she worked at several design agencies and as a freelancer in Copenhagen, winning various design prizes. She gained experience in the fields of logo design, editorial design, brand identity, interior & fashion design, before starting I LOVE MY TYPE in 2013. Ever since then, she has been constantly seeking to better herself, making sure she always stays up-to-date in the fields of self-development and design.

From Copenhagen to the world

After having built up a strong fan base in Denmark, we decided to let the whole world see our products. They are offered in our international web shop, leading interior shops like Illums Bolighus, a variety of design boutiques and exclusive museum stores like DAC (Danish Architecture Center). We have also been part of several fairs, design markets and pop-up stores all over the world, for example in New York.

Partners for life

Behind the scenes of I LOVE MY TYPE are Kathrine Højris and Thomas Bærnholdt – partners in both life and business. Together with their two kids (4 and 6), they share an apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a graphic designer, Kathrine provides the creative talent of I LOVE MY TYPE, designing all products herself, while Thomas represents the business side of the brand.

We love the process

„We are constantly evolving and creating new products at I LOVE MY TYPE. After all, there are real human beings like you and me behind this brand, so our personal experiences shape a big part of our collections. Whatever it is that we might experience next in life, you will probably see in our designs.“

One of Kathrine’s favourite statements was also her very first typographic print: LOVE THE PROCESS. Something that Kathrine herself found to be hard for long periods of her life. She often found herself in situations where she didn’t have all the answers and wasn’t sure of where to go. It can feel unfamiliar and unknown, and she started to fear that she would never reach her goals. But at some point, Kathrine realized that all she had to do was trust the process and fall in love with every part of it. Embracing the ups and downs of the journey, watching herself grow and learn, and appreciating the whole ride to the finish line. This made it easier for her to enjoy the things she was doing right now, and fall in love with the process of creating something new. Today, loving the process is one of the strongest core values of I LOVE MY TYPE, and a message that we want to share with everyone out there.

„We are constantly evolving and creating new products at I LOVE MY TYPE. After all, there are real human beings like you and me behind this brand, so our personal experiences shape a big part of our collections. Whatever it is that we might experience next in life, you will probably see in our designs.“

art / type / kids

Exclusive prints in three categories

We have our origin in typographic prints, but we soon realized we wanted to do more than that. Not much later, we added two new categories to our collections: ART and KIDS prints.

„Being a new mother of two gave me a lot of insights into the life with kids, and inspired me to create designs exclusively for them, too.“

ART – abstract and illustrative prints

Find inspiration on your walls with our artistic prints. We have worked with gouache, paint rollers, clippings, ink, salt and other techniques to create these unique pieces.

TYPE – prints with text

Typographic prints is where it all started for us. Our posters with text are the cornerstone of our brand, it’s what we have always loved and what we’re passionate about. 

KIDS – prints for the kids’ room

Kids want to have stylish prints, too! We offer various collections of fun and unique designs that were made exclusively for children, in a modern and fashionable style. 

Sustainable paper lovers

Sustainable quality paper

To us, quality means everything. With the use of eco-friendly materials, we want to make sure our art prints not only look good, but FEEL good, too. That’s why we use 100% recycled luxury paper for almost every product we make. When that’s not possible, we make sure to print on sustainable materials, like FSC-labeled or Nordic Ecolabelled quality paper. Besides being environmentally-friendly, the paper has a beautiful structure and brings out the best in our prints. A sensational experience for us, and an act of kindness to the planet.

Embossed by hand

As a final touch to our art prints, we add a small, elegant quality stamp that we emboss to the paper by hand. This discreet, tone in tone signature ensures you that the poster is exclusively from us to you.


Our great passion is to create and collect beautiful moments, and by that we mean visually aesthetic experiences that stimulate the eyes and touch the heart. We get our inspiration from everywhere: our family, books, nature, the people around us, series, magazines, architecture, … Sometimes it’s the big experiences in life, like becoming a parent, other times it’s something as simple as spotting a pretty house number at a door.

There are so many things we get excited about, things that make our eyes light up and our heart smile. These are the moments we are passionate about, it’s our driving force and why we do what we do. At I LOVE MY TYPE, we want to collect and create these beautiful moments and share them with you. Whether it’s a big poster that reminds you of your self-worth, or a small appreciation card that you give to a loved one – we hope it creates a beautiful experience somewhere out there, a moment where both your eyes and heart are reminded of the beauty in this world.


I LOVE MY TYPE is one of our most powerful messages and the name of our brand. It reminds us that love is the cornerstone for all that we do, in life, work and everywhere else. Every product we create is made with love for art and design, love for paper, love for beautiful things, for the planet, for the people around us and, not least, love for ourselves. This is what we stand for, and with this simple phrase, we want to inspire the whole world to follow the motto of loving yourself.

“The name I LOVE MY TYPE has a double meaning. It denotes both my passion for typographic design and is a declaration of self-appreciation. You should love yourself, whatever ‚type‘ you are.”

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