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About this universe

This collection represents four beautiful women that allure you with their looks. “Portraits from a Mirror” is a popular series that represents what we see when we look at our reflection: grace, vitality, curiosity and awareness. The four women embody some of the core values of I LOVE MY TYPE, such as embracing your true self and owning your unique looks.

The technique behind the art prints merges two crafts- manships; artistic hand-painting and stringent graphic design. The women are hand-painted and their faces drawn with a soft and persisting line. A stark contrast is created with the hairstyles, outlining the faces with a graphic touch and merging into the background. Their names manifest each of the women’s strong character.

P.S.: We hope you feel beautiful today.

“I used to not like what I saw when I looked into the mirror. It took me ages to become friends with my own reflection. So if anyone out there feels the same way, I want them to know that these prints are here to help.”

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