Happiness Package Gold


We have gathered our Gratitude Journal, Notebook, Happiness Boosters, and two I LOVE MY TYPE postcards in an exclusive Happiness Package. It makes the perfect gift for a friend who appreciates quality and food for thought – or just to pamper yourself.

GRATITUDE JOURNAL (is also sold separately, click here)
This lovely notebook is pre-printed with questions and statements to help you focus on and be thankful for the positive things in life.

NOTEBOOK (is also sold separately, click here)
Write down your thoughts, ideas, lists and notes in this beautiful, simple notebook.

Use this pack of 10 little question cards for daily reflection. Read the cards each morning to help you focus on having the best possible day.


We deliver posters within 2-5 weekdays in Europe, 2-14 days outside of Europe, and 1-3 weekdays in Denmark.
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